My trip to VT

Can I say, before I actually start writing this, Vermont is fucking awesome. The mountains, the people, the stores, everything. Oh, except cigarette prices. Even though I knew they’d be high, going from paying $4 a pack to $10 is a pretty big jump. Either way, on to the details, I guess.

The Reason

A breakup. I don’t deal with breakups well if I don’t get out of the house. I wasn’t really depressed per se, but I definitely was let down. I had put so much into the relationship emotionally that I didn’t really know how to feel about it. I will say that it wasn’t a bad breakup that ended in WWIII. Me and him are still friends and I’m happy that’s the way it is. Truth is, we were both under a lot of mental stress. If I was in his position at the time I probably would’ve done the same thing. So basically the reason was that I needed to clear my mind and getaway for awhile. I hate I did it the way I did it. I left without telling anyone other than mother and close friends. At the time, I felt like it’d be better if I didn’t make it this big thing. The “getaway”, as I call it, was amazing. So let me tell you about that.

The Trip

I’m not a very wealthy person, I think most people know this. Not only that, I wanted to leave as soon as possible. So, thanks to my amazing friends in Vermont, I was able to leave within days of bringing it up to them. I took the train because planning a trip via airlines only a few days away is very, very expensive. The train ride was lengthy, but I endured it well. I just didn’t want to be at home. My whole ride up there (until we got to Philly) I sat beside this guy in his 50’s. Sounds like a bad time, but he was pretty interesting to talk to, he knew a lot about the major cities we were passing through. Also a fellow toker. He was cool, until almost made me miss the train. We stopped in DC and me and him both were starving. We didn’t want to buy food from the cafe cart because the prices are retardedly marked up.

See below:

That was actually my trip from NC to SC, but the prices were the same. So Amtrak has smoke stops, because you can’t smoke on the train. Which believe me, it’s pretty fucking nerve racking. Either way, we stopped in DC. I have to say, I do love DC, the last time I visited me and the family went to the Smithsonian Museums. Really nice place. I decided to get McDonald’s when we stopped, because the smoke breaks are supposed to be 30 minutes. Well come to find out, if the train is late, it’s a lot shorter. Maybe 15 minutes~? Long story short, I came back to everyone already back on the train. So me, with McDonald’s food and drink, had to bust ass to stop the conductor from leaving without me. Got back on the train and basically stayed pretty bored until we got to NYC. NYC is fucking scary. Especially for someone like me who’s barely okay with walking around DC. The summary of the stop in NYC (we had change over) is basically it was confusing as fuck and loud as hell. Not including that these two sketchy pieces of shit were trying to scam me, telling me that if I cancel my trip and hang out with them that by night we’ll be fucking sluts and smoking the best weed. Now only one of those are incentives for me. They obviously didn’t know what tree they were barking up. Got back on the train and we finally were getting close to my stop – Rutland, VT. From there, my friends picked me up and we were on the way to where I’d be staying – Bethel, VT.

First impressions

Bethel is a crazy small town, very similar to Black Mountain in North Carolina (used to live there) but even smaller. Small business is a big part of this town, and it’s probably the first thing I noticed and it’s always nice to see. All of the roads are extremely curved and elevated. I’d definitely take awhile to get used to driving there. Before I continue, meese is a thing and no one can correct me on this. A big change that occurs when you go up north is that there are meese. Huge meese, apparently. I didn’t get to see any. ☹ Hunting thrives a lot up there, which isn’t surprising seeing the forestry mixed with valleys surrounding Bethel. The people are probably the biggest part of my experience, so moving on to that.

The people


They’re all liberals.

Joking, but I think this requires a little bit of backstory. I’d never met these people before I visited, my friend from Bethel I met on Xbox Live because I wanted someone to license transfer me Minecraft, if that tells you how fucking long ago that was. Which is kinda crazy, going to met people you’ve only talked to. I won’t lie I was pretty anxious. I mean, these people could kill me, chop me up, and place me in different dumpsters all across Vermont. Thankfully they didn’t, and it was quite the opposite I guess you would say. Extremely down to earth people, I mean I could talk to them like I’d known them for years even though I technically have, just over Xbox. My friend’s family were extremely welcoming and greeted me as if they knew me. Everyone was nice enough to explain everything I needed to know about the town, and Vermont in general. Compared to NC, I find VT to be way more welcoming. That might just be because I don’t live there but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

The atmosphere

The atmosphere of Bethel is one of the best I’ve experienced. Maybe even matching my time in Black Mountain. There’s plenty of rivers and streams flowing around the valleys of the mountains, which always makes for beautiful pictures. I wish I had taken more pictures but I was having too much of a good time to be bothered with it. But here are some of the very few I did take:

Mind you, most of these pictures weren’t in Bethel. That’s it for atmosphere.

Final thoughts

These people really did help me, and I can’t thank them enough. I couldn’t had a better experience. I finally got to meet the people I’ve been friends with forever, and while at first it might’ve been weird, I think it was crazy awesome after we found out none of us were crazy serial killers. I definitely will be visiting again hopefully sometime next year. Thanks Vermonters. ♥